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Glasses daily care knowledge

1.Glasses placed

If the temporary placement of glasses, set of glasses convex surface facing up. If convex glasses placed upside down, will be spent grinding lenses. For folding glasses, should start on the left, because most of the frames are from the left temple began folding design, if the first folding right temple, is likely to cause deformation of the frame.

Do not wear glasses, please use glasses cloth wrapped into the glasses box. Avoid contact with the pest control agent during storage, toilet items, cosmetics, hair spray, corrosive materials like pharmaceuticals, otherwise it will cause the lens, frames degradation, deterioration, discoloration.

2.Clean glasses

To make use of special lens cloth wipe, wipe Hold the side mirror when the wiper edge wire frame, the lens is gently rubbed. In order to avoid excessive force resulting in damage to the frame or lens.

In addition, dry and easy to polish the lens, it is recommended to rinse with water and then wipe the water with a special paper cloth dry cloth. When the lens is dirty, it is recommended to use a low concentration of neutral detergent cleaning, and then rinse with water rinse.

3.Pick to wear glasses

Handle the temples with both hands wearing off in a direction parallel cheeks. If you pick with one hand will damage the frame around the balance, and cause deformation.