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How to buy sunglasses?

How to buy sunglasses?

  1. UV Protection

    Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light may cause cataracts, burns, and even cancer.Choose a high number of UV protection sunglasses, it is important. Good sunglasses,At least 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays.If there is no label on the glasses to tell you how much UV protection, do not buy.

  2. Colour

    Through the color of the sunglasses filter, the eyes see the color contrast is different. If you choose the color of the lens, it is not impossible, but when driving must be divided into clear green light.

    Gray lenses can be very effective in reducing the intensity of light does not affect the color contrast

    Brown glasses can enhance some color contrast and block the blue light, so the more bright days, wearing brown good, such as snow.

    Yellow / amber is more yellow than brown color, can greatly enhance the color contrast, almost blocking all the blue light, to be the traffic lights, do not choose this color.

    Red and orange are more suitable for wintery days.

    Purple is suitable for people who want to hunt on green grass.

    Bronze can reconcile the colors of the sky and the grass at the same time, suitable for playing golf.

    Blue and green can enhance the yellow contrast, suitable for playing tennis.