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Introduction to sunglasses

Sunglasses are a strong stimulation caused to prevent sunlight vision care products for the eye injury, with the improvement of people's material and cultural level, sunglasses and beauty or reflect the individual style of special accessories.

As the sun reaches the Earth's surface contains ultraviolet light, the human eye cornea and Crystal are the most susceptible to UV damage eye tissue, and "cataract" is closely associated with the eye disease. Because of the environmental damage to the ozone layer, and summer outdoor activities increase UV damage to the human eye can not be ignored. Wearing sunglasses is a better way to protect the eye from UV damage, but pay special attention to selection of sunglasses.

In accordance with the provisions of international standards, sunglasses are classified as personal eye-protection equipment category, because sunglasses are worn in summer, the main function is to block the harsh sun. However, international standards and the sunglasses are broken down into "mirror of fashion" and "general use mirror." Standard in the "mirror of fashion" the quality requirement is relatively low. Because the "mirror of fashion" is mainly high style, the wearer is focused on decorating, rather than protection. Standard for "general use mirror" quality requirements are more stringent, including UV, and the index of refraction and prismatic.