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optical glasses

optical glasses

The use of  lenses, prisms, contact lenses, intraocular lenses and other vision  correction, eliminate vision fatigue, protect or treat the eyes.
Many  types of glasses, correction of refractive errors who have optical  glasses and contact lenses, correction of aphakic eyes in addition to  contact lenses, the intraocular lens can still be implanted. In  addition there are a variety of protective glasses, cosmetic mirror and  vision correction amblyopia, etc., all lenses are thin lenses, the  degree of the lens focal length (m) of the reciprocal.


Lens is divided into spherical lenses and cylindrical lenses. Ball lens bending surface is part of the spherical surface, according  to its parallel light polymerization or separation and is divided into  convex spherical lens or concave spherical lens.
Convex  spherical lenses are used to correct hyperopia, presbyopia or aphakia,  concave spherical lenses to correct myopia, cylinder lens surface as  part of the column, cylinder lens axis parallel to the cylinder in the  direction of the axis without refractive power perpendicular to the axis  The direction of the maximum refractive power, but also sub-convex  cylindrical lenses or concave lenses, respectively, for the correction  of myopia or myopic astigmatism.


By two non-parallel intersecting angle of the lens, because it has the  image to the tip of the characteristics of displacement for the  treatment of certain eye diseases.

Contact lenses

Directly  attached to the surface of the eye, according to the different  materials used are divided into two kinds of hard and soft, the former  made of plexiglass, the latter made of hydrophilic gel, not only can  correct refractive errors but also the treatment of certain eye diseases  .

Intraocular lens

Intraocular  lens cataract surgery immediately after intraocular lens implantation  in the lens capsular bag, the degree can be calculated preoperatively  according to the corneal curvature radius of the eye, anteroposterior  axial length and anterior chamber depth to calculate [1].