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Specular reflection

Reflective sunglasses lenses can be as reflective as a mirror. Lenses are coated with a very thin layer of reflective coatings – coatings are very sparse, so it is called a half-silvered surface. "Half Silver" this term came from above the lens reflections are very sparse, the number is only about the lens becomes opaque reflector when half of the molecule. At the molecular level, reflecting molecules evenly dispersed in the surface of the lens, forming a uniform film, but only half the size of the lens is covered by the film. This half of the silver surface reflects about half to reach the surface of the light directly through the half light.

Typically, gradient mirror coating, coating color gradually changes from top to bottom. This can strengthen the sunglasses ability to resist the light from above, and allows more light and horizontal injection from below. This means that when you're driving, sunglasses to block the Sun's rays while also allows you to see the dashboard. Sometimes, the coatings are two-gradient lenses in the upper and lower the highest color depth and lens are clear.

Reflective sunglasses a key problem is the paint can easily be scratched. Clearly, the sunglasses manufacturer also didn't succeed in reflecting film surface coated with a scratch. Thus, scratch layer is applied to the surface of the lens, and reflective film is coated in scratch-proof layer above.