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Sunglasses,also known as sun glasses, used for shading. People  in the sun usually rely on adjusting the size of the pupil to adjust  the luminous flux, when the light intensity exceeds the ability of the  human eye to adjust, it will cause harm to the human eye.
Therefore,  outdoor activities, especially in the summer, need to use sunshade to  block the sun, in order to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment  or intense stimulation caused by injury.

Sunglasses can mask uncomfortable glare, while protecting your eyes

UV damage. All thanks to metal powder filtration devices that "choose" when it comes in. Colored  spectacles selectively absorb part of the wavelength band that makes up  the sun's rays because of the use of very fine metal powders (iron,  copper, nickel, etc.). In fact, when light shines on the lens, light is diminished based on the so-called "destructive interference" process. That  is, when light of certain wavelengths (here UVa, UVB, and sometimes IR)  travels through the lens, they will cancel each other out inside the  lens, ie toward the eye. It  is not by chance that the formation of light waves overlaps with each  other: the wave crests of one wave, together with the wave troughs of  the wave near it, result in mutual cancellation. The  phenomenon of destructive interference depends on the refractive index  of the lens (that is, the degree of deviation of the light as it passes  through different substances in the air) and on the thickness of the  lens. In  general, the thickness of the lens changes little, while the refractive  index of the lens is different according to the chemical composition.

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