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Sunglasses maintenance knowledge

  Thousands of choice of sunglasses is actually very squeamish, the lack of proper maintenance methods and then expensive glasses life will become shorter! Have you ever protected your sunglasses? Sunglasses maintenance and general glasses are roughly the same. If the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, you can use special accessories in the soft cotton cloth or special cleaning mirror paper to remove the dust or dirt on the lens. After wiping, should also often use a lens cleaner cleaning. Do not use nails to remove the spots on the lens. When the stones are gravel, rinse with water and wipe them with special cloth or paper. The following sub-item a few small experience, hope for everyone useful:

1.When wearing glasses, please both hands to seize the mirror feet, face off, one hand while wearing glasses, easy to cause deformation, loose phenomenon.

2. When not in use with a mirror cloth wrapped, the lens up and placed in a special bag, to guard against the lens and the frame was hard to scratch.

3. Frame or lens contaminated with dust, sweat, grease, cosmetics, etc. Please use neutral detergent warm water, and then dry with a soft cloth. 

4. Prohibit long exposure to water, soaked in water and placed in a fixed place by the sun exposure; prohibited for a long time placed in the current, metal side.

5. When you mirror the mirror, please fold the left side of the mirror feet.


6. glasses frame distortion, sagging, and then use, will cause the lens clarity affected, please go to the sales store for free adjustment.

7. Plate sunglasses after a period of time may be slightly deformed, this is a normal phenomenon can be adjusted to the sales store can be.

8. Sensitive color mirror Please do not put a long time in the direct light of the place, otherwise it will shorten the use of color change time, but if a photosensitive discoloration due to long-term wear and gradually fail will not change the polarizing effect, please rest assured that you use The