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Application Prospect Of Titanium

Worldwide attention to the construction of China's National Grand Theater has finally started, the investment of 26. 8.8 billion yuan, the total floor area of 14. 950,000 square meters, the construction period of 4 years attracted the attention of a number of key projects. After 4 years of careful preparation, 10 countries in nearly 70 design, design of the National Centre for the top position in the world. One of the most striking is the strange---making full use of titanium plate surfaces of the roof. According to industry sources, the dome will be used to about 100 tons of titanium. Titanium is called the 21st century's most promising metal, steel, aluminium is the second after emerging third metal. National Theatre put on the dome of the most promising materials, this will bring opportunities to the development of titanium industry in China ... ... "Titanium"-the 21st century's most promising metal Titanium is a light metal in Refractory metals at a density of 4. 5 g/cm3, only iron 57%. Comparable to the strength of titanium alloy and high-strength steel, and has very good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, some titanium alloys in long-term work in the 450 ° c between ~550 and lingxia250℃. TI has good resistant to salts, water, and nitric acid corrosion, Ti-30M alloys are corrosion resistant to concentrated hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid. These advantages of titanium alloys, titanium worthy of being called a "space" metal, "oceans" metal after steel, aluminum, and a third metal and so on. The very extensive use of titanium as a "space" metal, Titanium is used as an aircraft, a rocket engine materials, structural materials, skin and all kinds of pipe joints. A Boeing 747 plane using titanium 42. 7 tonnes, 777 aircraft with 57 tons of titanium, titanium 777ER airplane is as high as 68 tons, F-15 titanium 24. 5 tons. United States fighter F-22 21st century advantage is the extensive use of titanium to guarantee its performance. As the "Ocean" metal, Titanium is currently mass produced, lowest prices, almost entirely from water erosion of the metal. Extensive use of titanium manufacturing nuclear submarines of the Soviet case, 3680-ton Alpha nuclear submarines, each titanium 560-ton Typhoon-class missile submarine titanium 9000 tons. These submarines using titanium with magnetic, dive deep (up to 900 m), fast speed, low noise and maintenance advantages. Titanium are also heavily used in the marine oil pipelines, nuclear power plants and thermal power plant condenser. In emerging offshore development in the 21st century, titanium will play an important role.

Application of titanium in the petrochemical industry, also has an important role. Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used in the manufacture of acetaldehyde production process heat transfer and reactor, the synthetic Tower of urea production, wet chlorine gas cooler, chlorate and chlor-alkali electrolysis electrode, ammonia cooling tower in soda ash production, nitric acid production, such as heat exchangers, reactors and distillation columns.  Application of titanium and its alloy in these areas is irreplaceable. Titanium and its alloys with more and more closely related to people's daily lives.  For example sports and leisure equipment, construction materials, medical care, food, computers, automotive industry, applications in manufactured goods also continues to expand. Compare with materials such as steel, copper and aluminum, titanium materials one-time investment is high, but steel and other materials can only be used where a year or half a year, titanium can be used for more than 20 years. Therefore, titanium price-performance ratio is far higher than that of steel and copper and aluminum. After calculation of the chemical sector, each used 1 ton of titanium and titanium alloy material, you can save the cumulative investment of 100,000 yuan, thus expanding the use of titanium, not only have to meet national defense needs, promote economic development, raise the level of science and technology in the industrial sector the enormous social benefits, there are significant economic benefits.