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Misunderstanding Of Driving wear Glasses

Misunderstanding 1: the deeper the color the better

Many people assume that the darker the better UV protection. In fact, the sunglasses filter the function of ultraviolet light only with the plated film, the color is not the deeper the better. Because the sunglasses lens will make the optic nerve transmission signal time delay, resulting in speed perception distortion, so that the sunglasses driver to make the wrong conclusion.

Misunderstanding 2:

Polarized lenses are the most suitable

Many drivers like to wear polarized light, indeed, polarizer can weaken the light, remove glare, so that the natural line of soft, but in fact polarized mirror is more suitable for fishing, skiing and other large areas of reflective environment, and the driver sometimes have to face the tunnel Light of the dark scenes, polarizer is easy to make people suddenly a black eyes. In addition, the polarizer will make the LCD screen, LED traffic light fades. Therefore, the choice of polarizer, the best choice of good quality optical lenses, and in the tunnel, it is best to take off glasses in advance, and more blink.

Misunderstanding 3:

Sunglasses are too fancy

Fashionable young people, will have a variety of colors of sunglasses, look good is not false, but when driving is not appropriate, such as pink, purple lenses, will change the color, spectrum. In fact, sunglasses is best to use gray lenses, because it will not change the basic chromatogram. Followed by dark green. Brown, yellow lenses have the effect of increasing brightness, more suitable for fog, dust and other environments.

Misunderstanding 4:

Do not wear myopia

Some drivers slightly myopia, usually do not drive myopia no problem. Once you wear sunglasses, the problem comes: the eyes are more likely to fatigue, vision will drop, just like driving at night will be the same impact. Therefore, the slight myopia of the driver, usually driving no problem, if you want to wear sunglasses, must be equipped with myopia degree of the lens.