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Titanium—nickel Shape Memory Alloy

Features titanium alloys with shape memory effect. Objects in a certain temperature deformation, remain deformed after removing the external shape, but at higher temperatures can automatically recover its original shape prior to deformation, this phenomenon is known as shape memory effect.

1938 United States observed in CU-Zn alloys such as a.b.greninger the shape memory effect. 1963 United States naval weapons laboratory Buehler was developed called nickel-titanium shape memory alloys, used in spacecraft. Since then, on the shape memory effect and carried out extensive research of shape memory alloys. 70 has developed into more than 10 kinds of memory alloy. In 1978, China started to develop, applied in 1980.

Classification of TI-NI shape memory alloy including nearly equal Atomic ratio of TI-NI shape memory alloy, wide delay of TI-NB-NI shape memory alloy Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy, short lag.

Nickel-titanium shape memory alloy tini intermetallic compound is a ratio, practical alloy composition for Ti-(49~51)%Ni (Atom fraction). Tini intermetallic compound is malleable, heat processing and cold, cold working rate of 10%~25%, recrystallization temperature is the temperature. Nickel-titanium alloy with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature phase with good damping properties, phase-change region has a unique memory and super elastic. Physical and mechanical properties of TI-NI alloy and memory performance (AS for reversing into parent phase of martensite start temperature, Af martensite reversed into parent phase ended).