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Titanium Market

Since the beginning of 2011, Titanium Ore, titanium dioxide, titanium sponge and titanium materials prices rising titanium products price appeared high tight situation. On June 10, the domestic market price: Yunnan ilmenite 1850-2100 Yuan/ton, Sichuan titanium concentrate by 2250-2300 Yuan/ton, imports Australia titanium concentrate by Tianjin Port tax-included price of 2900-2900 Yuan/ton; anatase titanium dioxide 19500-20000 Yuan/ton; rutile-type titanium dioxide 22000-22500 Yuan/ton. 0#-2# titanium sponge 11.2-108,000 yuan/ton. Compared to the same period last year, up twice times the price of titanium concentrates, the price of titanium dioxide and titanium sponge, were nearly double levels. Members are very concerned about future price movements express my shallow view. 2010 global yield based on titanium oxide for 6.3 million tons of titanium ore, converted into titanium concentrate in panzhihua, the equivalent of 13 million tons. Only last year produced 1.17 million tons of titanium concentrate in panzhihua city, could hardly meet domestic needs. China last year imported 2.04 million tons of ilmenite, accounted for more than half the demand. Price of imported Titanium Ore continued this year, led the Chinese titanium concentrate prices. Australia mineral resources tax Government recently announced that beginning in 2012, tax rate for profits 30%; Viet Nam announced on June 14, 2012 new year's day this year, Deputy Prime Minister to stop export of titanium concentrate (may be done for price opinion). These two countries is the main country of imported Titanium Ore, titanium ore in China may further tensions. The good news is that, Guangdong new mineral resource group and Shenzhen seven Madagascar Beach Placer shares joint investment, an annual output of 3 million tons of titanium ore, mainly transported to the Mainland, in July officially put into operation this year, 60,000 tons have been shipped back. But the price is not too low, low prices, foreign users will snap them up. Boosted by price, titanium ore in panxi region production will also increase, but a limited number will not have a greater impact on prices. In summary, titanium concentrate prices for some time to come will be to maintain the current level. Ton of titanium dioxide produced to two and a half tons of titanium ore, ilmenite concentrate price increase impact, titanium dioxide prices follow up. Use of titanium dioxide paint, plastic, textile and paper, paint variety is primarily architectural coatings, industrial protective paint, furniture paint and automotive coatings. Our country is in a period of economic growth and improving people's livelihood, and demand of titanium dioxide. With the enhancement of quality of titanium dioxide, exports are also growing in 2010, 266,000 tons, 150% over the previous year. Demand and export growth led to the production of titanium dioxide, 2009 1.0466 million tons of titanium dioxide production in China, surpassing United States ranked first in the world in 2010 and 1.4743 million tons of titanium dioxide production, output in these two years are growing at a rate of 30%. Recent titanium giant DuPont announced expansion of 350,000 tons, titanium oxide powder enterprises are spread all over the country, capacity will increase by more than 800,000 tons this year. Because of the titanium dioxide prices are too high, some with titanium white powder as raw material of small businesses, there have been cuts, or even shut down. Entering 2011, China's construction and automotive industry growth also slows down, there will be no more 30% growth. The next year, in domestic and foreign expansion and production of titanium dioxide, appears more than sales. Titanium dioxide prices will slightly fall. With the slow recovery of the world economy, especially the rapid economic growth in emerging economies, led to the world's aviation industry, orders for Airbus and Boeing have increased significantly. All military aircraft and ships are also upgraded. They increase has helped push the price of titanium sponge. As technology advances, some civilian areas, increased demand for titanium. For example, new seawater desalination industry, every year thousands of tons of titanium tubes, titanium. Sponge titanium demand situation will remain for a long time, but titanium sponge large expansion funds and a long, titanium sponge prices will continue to rise. Aerospace, military and industry to withstand price increases ability, also provided support to the price rise.