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Types Of Frames

1, full frame: a frame type is the most commonly used, is characterized by strong, easy to shape, to cover part of the lens thickness.

2, nylon racks: use a fine nylon as a part of the architrave, lenses with a special grinding edge worn under it, there is a narrow Groove in the lower edge, nylon embedded ditch, formed a bottomless box style, and very light weight, people feel light, chic and are more solid.

3, no frame: these frames do not have mirrors, only metal nose bridge and a metal pin, lens and bridge of the nose and the PIN is directly connected by screw fastening, generally want to punch holes in the lens. No frames than frames are lighter, chic, but it is a bit poor.

4, combination: top box office has two sets of lenses, can go into one group, usually for indoor and outdoor dual-use.

5, folding frame: frames can be converted into 40 percent or 60 percent, to reading glasses.

6, box frame: the frame is made from a fine nylon as part of the architrave, which is characterized by light weight, people feel light, chic and are more solid.

7, eyebrows: eyebrow and half frame glasses similar to half a box of only one similar eyebrows on silk, with a fine nylon as the next part of the architrave, style and fashion.

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